Mr Md Shah Alam is the Principal of Immigration 2 UK Limited. A very professional immigration consultant of highest level of excellence Mr Alam is an immigration practitioner under the British immigration regulatory authority. He holds the credential of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. His skill on statutory international migration has earned him a respectable standing in this field. While practising in all branches of British immigration namely immigration, nationality and European migration, Mr Alam has risen to prominence for his mastery on European Union law particularly for the unsettled nature of European immigration regime. He is also a very prominent advocate for human rights for the deprived community in the UK. Mr Alam is also an expert on corporate immigration and persistently works for the entrepreneurs and investors who seek to make best use of their finance.

Mr Alam is fondly remembered by a wide variety of clientele for his unfailing skill in immigration matters of most complex nature. His professionalism gives confidence in the mind of the service recipients and brings out results at the end.

A military academy graduate Mr Alam is also a graduate engineer on telecommunications. His experiences go as far as serving under the United Nations for the restoration of peace for internally displaced people as well as refugees under international migration.

Mr Alam is committed to provide you a concise, fluid and stress- free service